The Investor Relations Unit was established at the National Treasury’s Public Debt Management Office in September 2020 to facilitate interactive communication with investors, while promoting fiscal transparency which is important for establishing the Government’s credibility of fiscal plans and ensuring market confidence. The responsibility of the Unit is to minimize information asymmetries that might lead to negative investor perceptions and potential capital outflows. Therefore, the focus is to improve transparency by providing quality and verified information to the general public and financial markets on government borrowing and debt.

The main purpose is to keep investors appraised of the status of the government’s economic and fiscal management, debt portfolio and future financing plans. This will improve communication with the investors through timely information dissemination, transparency and accountability for their decision making. The benefit is improved good governance by allowing more detailed scrutiny of debt management policy and borrowing by Parliament, the public, the international community and other stakeholders.

This website , therefore , is intended to provide investors with a single entry point to a wide range of information disseminated mainly by the National Treasury, the Public Debt Management Office, Central Bank of Kenya, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and other relevant Government agencies.

The head of the Unit who is responsible for both Investor and Donor Relations is a Director who reports to the Director-General, Public Debt Management Office.

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